Thursday, January 04, 2007


I had a lovely afternoon with my friend Colette yesterday. She is THE most generous person ever! She is a true "kindred spirit". She shared some of her fabric and paper stash with me. Oh such pretty fabrics!-- and some really cool fibres made by someone near Toronto (I'll have to buy more of these. They are so precious and I have a hard time using things if I only have a little tiny bit). Hence my giant apartment that is FULL! Colette has the most lovely apartment full of beautiful art -- her own and many other artists too. It is a true atelier!!! We shared some wonderful "whole flower" tea -- it looked so pretty unfolding in the cup. I wish that I had pictures! How will I live up to that when Colette comes to visit me?

Today is Robin's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN. Must call Robin. Must call Robin..........

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Colette said...

I so enjoyed out afternoon together. And you gave me much more than I gave you. So there!!

I'm saving the other flower for tea at your place, so you can have one too.

Your kindred spirit.