Wednesday, March 14, 2007


These are little moth fairies. Two of these will be off to Barb today..... I'm not sure which two.... they seem to want to stay home and not brave the cold trip to Wisconsin. The vintage ones at the top have fabric faces, the flower ones at the bottom have paper faces that have been protected with packing tape, which makes them really vibrant. Tip: use tacky glue to glue down the paper/tape faces first, so the stitches don't rip through the tape.

My next ones will incorporate some kind of text -- I feel that when I don't use words, my art is naked....... . My next mothies will be a bit "looser" I feel that I have to stick to the rules the first time that I do something, then I can break the rules and make them my own then next time. Does that make sense? When I used to sew clothes for myself (hahahah -- I hardly do anymore) I would always make a "muslin" the first time -- a trial garment to get the fit and style right. Sometimes the "muslins" were made of muslin -- but more often out of fabric scraps that I didn't really like. I have lots of housedresses made out of these trials -- my "arting" clothes!!


A bird in the hand said...

Good philosophy. Do it once by the rules, get down the basics, then do it your style. I like these much, especially the ones at the top -- probably because their "hair is "loose"! xox

Joanne Huffman said...

Martha, your mothies are really cool. Post the next ones you do. I love the facesw you use, as well as the fabrics. It's all good.

Patti G. said...

Martha!!!!!!!!!! These mothies are beyond wonderful and just beautiful! Enjoyed your blog AND your Dotee dolls and atcs and paper art too! Such fun! Hugs,Patti

Dotee said...

I love your mothies Martha! Gorgeous art as per usual.

I agree with your philosphy about getting the basics down and then making something your own. I love your style, really love it!