Sunday, March 04, 2007

Daily Challenge!

This is my challenge – I’m going to glue something into my journal every single day. I know that it doesn’t sound like too much, but I can’t give myself the pressure of “make something every day” or “do a page a day in my journal” , but I can glue something in every single day. I’m going to try to make it an evening ritual. I can try to make cohesive pages or not. I’m going to do one page (or one spread) every week. So everything that I’m gluing from Sunday to Saturday will go on one page. And then I’ll post the page on my blog every week. I might add paint, or markers, doodles, journaling or rubber stamps. Or not. See, no pressure. Anyone want to join me? I’m just going to use an inexpensive spiral bound journal. Stay tuned and keep the pressure on me.


A bird in the hand said...

Good idea. I'm with you. I started a glue book, but then forgot it. I'll pull it out and make an effort! But until I start doing it, I can hardly put pressure on you, eh? xoxo

jackie L said...

Great idea
Great Idea! I'll join you, I can't handle a page a day either, this sounds dooable. I'll go glue something or paint something and glue something right now! Thanks Martha!


Jacky said...

What a great idea... I'm going to have a go too Martha.
Guess what "Bird in the Hand", first thing I am going to include is a beautiful fabric nest I received from you today (Thankyou).