Monday, March 12, 2007

Dotee Dolls...... And Lola Dolls

Okay, so this is a Dotee Doll (above) . Dot in Australia makes them -- aren't they fun and cute? Dot's hosting a swap. We're supposed to make our versions of Dotee Dolls. Mine are below. I think that I'll leave the Dotee Dolly making to Dot!! Mine are a bit sombre, and are called Lola Dolls -- after Lauren (that's her face -- it reappears often in my art). I didn't want to do an embroidered felt face because I didn't want them to look just like Dot's. My first attempt is on the left, and then I made the rest. Those two with wings are going to have to flap pretty hard to take off. I also made some Dotee Doll ATCs -- which I am pretty happy with.


Dotee said...

Martha - I LOVE each one of your Lola dolls!! They are not sombre at all. They are perfect! Love how you have made them in your own style and the colors are beautiful.

And the ATC's are fantastic. I love your use of colors. And using Lauren's face when she was little is such a great idea.

Love them, love them, love them!!!

Can't wait to see them after they have flown from Canada to Australia(yipeeeee).

Dotee said...

P.S - and I love how you have named the ATC's . You get me giggling all the time!

Joanne Huffman said...

Martha, I love your Lola dolls - the faces are lovely, not somber. I think the winged ones will flutter, rather than soar, but they will flutter very happily. The "Miss" ATCs are wonderfully named and very cool.

Doreen G said...

I love your Lola Dolls and I hope I get one of these.
But then I say that about all of them and I can only get 3 back so I am glad that Dot is doing the swap and not me.

Holly Stinnett said...

Your Dollies are adorable. What fun!!!

A bird in the hand said...

As I told you, if you think they're too sombre, I'll take 'em! Bwahahaha!

See you Sunday xox

Jacky said...

I LOVE your Dotee Dolls (or are they Lola dolls??). Fantastic!!!
The ATCs are wonderful too, love your spin on them. Very quirky girls.