Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Break "to do" list

March Break starts this weekend! This is what I have to do :
- 3 tiny Dotee dollys and 3 Dotee dolly ATCs see http://dotslifeandart.blogspot.com/
- 3 4x4 fabric quilties - zetti theme
- 4 tiny moth fairies
- 10 fabric tags for a tag fatbook
- 3 8x8 works of art for artfest
- 100 charms for artfest
- 28 fabric charms (or is that 11?????) - colour theme -- sepia, blue, green
- a banner with 4 pennants
.... and work in the 5 RR books that I have sitting on my desk.

hahahahahahahahahahah -- but you KNOW that I'll finish it all, right?
(the challenge will be the 8x8s and the pennants)

re: my daily challenge: before bed isn't working for me! But first thing in the morning does! So far I have 2 business cards glued in. This is a SCRAPBOOK . A REAL scrapbook. With special scraps from my life glued in. I actually have a few scrapbooks that I made when I was young (a little girl) One is full of animal pictures, and one is full of anything to do with Star Trek (the original series). They are both in large 11x17 newsprint books. This new one is 6"x6" -- and will be full of mementos from my art life.

but first -- I MUST finish my report cards.

****EDIT -- OOPS, I FORGOT !! -- 10 Altered beads for the mixed up media group!!!!


jackie L said...

I did start my book the other night spent 2hrs. lost all track of time, I had great fun I actually glued 6 items I cut from a Martha Stewart mag. I thoroughly emjoyed myself. Today I have only glued in 2 things l item from MS mag. and a piece of painted foam from cosmetic sponge. I want to sit down and do some stamping on the page tonight, I am going to do that now!

Jacky said...

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by my "creative commitments" until I read your blog.... Cannot wait to see your latest creations for March appearing on this blog.

Joanne Huffman said...

Martha, I got tired just reading your "to do" list; and, I took a perverse pleasure in the fact that your list is longer than mine. Good luck to you on all these projects. I look forward to you posting them as you finish them off.

Anonymous said...

hey what about your ATC's?

martha said...

ATCs, what ATCs? for what swap? What have I missed? Who are you? LOL

A bird in the hand said...

You forgot to put our playdate on the list! Don't think I'm going to let you off the hook because you have a zillion 4x4s, trillion ATCs, 200 altered tennis shoes, 6,300 report cards, and....excuse me, I'm exhausted, I have to go and lie down.....