Friday, July 20, 2012

Mixed Minded

I'm a bit behind on the postings :)
In May I traveled to Kitchener to attend a Donna Downey class at Mixed Minded. I love Donna -- she is so funny! The class was called 40 by 40. Forty background techniques. Yikes! I didn't actually finish them all. My favourite technique was using pan pastels -- but I likely won't be using that again because of the fixatives involved (and, really, do I need a new obsession?). I love using stencils though.....


Full disclosure! While I was there, I had to BUY some things at Karen's onsite store.
I bought:
Some stamps --  2 suzi blu, a decorative Christy Tomlinson and a bla bla bla stampotique stamp....

So I've totally cheated on my frugal year, but I'm still doing well, I think!

Sadly, some of my stamps that I brought with me got mixed up with someone else's materials and they didn't make it home (my favourite paisley foam stamp!) I hope that they make it home some day!


kandeland said...

that looks like a fun class! 40? wow! Hope you're summer is going great martha! xo

kandeland said...

I meant "your"!!

vivian said...

martha!! ive missed you! Glad your finding fun classes and things to do with you summer vacation. Im off for the next 9 days... woohoo.. but not a single plan to do anything... maybe clean my house. beach days... play with babypies.. who knows!
have a great weekend

Joanne Huffman said...

I hope your stamps come home! The class sounds wonderful and looks great. Buying art supplies is like buying food, it's a necessity.