Monday, November 14, 2011

One of a Kind Show

Many of you know that for many years (10!) I did the One of the Kind Show. I don't mean that I shopped it -- I had a booth there. It's not just a teeny weekend craft show where you have you stuff on a flimsy table. You have a whole booth - a mini shop -- for 11 days. It's a ton of work -- but very worth it. So many people ask me why I don't still do it. I don't have time to make enough stock to last one day, let alone 11 days! I've also completely changed my style, so I would have to be re-juried in. I would love to go back and do it someday though. I go for a few days ever year to see what's there, buy some food and visit my friends. You might see me sitting in booths helping out too.

This year Toronto's One of a Kind Christmas Show will be held from Nov 24-December 4. It's held at the Direct Energy Centre at the CNE grounds (that's the huge building just inside the Princes Gate)

Show Hours:

Weekdays 10am-9pm
Saturdays 10am-9pm
Sundays 10am-6pm

Thurs Dec 1 10am-11pm

There are 800 Artisans there. If you have never gone, be prepared to walk, and walk and walk. The show is huge.

Over the next few weeks I will showcase some of my favourite artisans. Much of what they make isn't available online -- so you need to come down and have a look!

Check out the One of a Kind Show Website for more information, and to purchase discounted tickets.


Joanne Huffman said...

Wish I were close enough to go.

Lisa PN said...

yay to one of a kind! i will be doing the last 6 days of the show and you can drop by to say hello in booth q19!