Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Faves Friday! Hot Drinks

It is hard to come up with 5 of these, because my #1 by far is tea.

My five favourite hot drinks:

1. Earl Grey tea
2. Chai tea
3. Chai latte
4. Peppermint Hot Chocolate (the Williams Sonoma super duper spendy kind)
5.French Vanilla Cappucino


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I'm up late, and was cruising, so here goes....

1. Donut Coffee - Keurig K-Cup
2. Chai Latte
3. Starbucks Seasonals with WHIPPED CREAM!!! Just about all of them!
4. Twinings Lady Grey Tea
5. Mighty Leaf Tea Infusions - Chamomile Citrus

vivian said...

I like just plain old red rose tea! heehee! miss you miss martha!have a great weekend!

Joanne Huffman said...

1. Aztec Chocolate hot chocolate
2. Dark chocolate hot chocolate
3. hot apple cider with a bit of cinnamon
4. hot peppermint tea
5. hot chocolate with whipped cream

Halle said...

First I have to say that I love that you say "spendy" I say that too...then others not from MN look at me like "what do you mean?"

My favs:
1. black coffee
2. chai tea latte
3. Aveda tea(takes like anise)
4. hot apple cider
5. hot cocoa w/peppermint schnapps

MarissaDW said...

I'm late but I'll have my Five Faves Friday! Hot Drinks on my blog.

Xean said...

1. brewed coffee
2. Latte with cinamon
3. Chamomile tea
4. durian hot whipped cream coffee
5. hot chocolate drink with marshmallows on top.

These are my top five hot drinks.