Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secret Santa Ornament

Natalie Kalbach organized a Secret Santa Ornament Exchange.

My partner, Sherry (in Australia) has received hers so I can show you what I sent!

(there is a fabric house ornament, a cd in that doily tree package, some little maple candies, some punched aluminum stars and a heart, and a "few of my favourite things" paper pack)

And I got mine from Sandra in Austria! (I think that it was Austria -- the envelope was a bit beat up so I couldn't read any of the return address info! I don't even have Sandra's last name -- but hopefully Natalie will send it to me and Sandra's email or blog shortly so I can thank her)
She sent me some yummy goodies from Austria -- including Kinder Chocolate, some Mozart Truffles, wafers, and 2 ornaments -- a cool tree made from brown paper (looks like gingerbread with the "icing" on it) and a beautiful ornament made from strips of transparencies. I've made these before from paper, but the transparency idea is brilliant! AND my mom's Christmas theme this year is "A Noteworthy Christmas" so she is using black and white with music notes and written notes, so this will be lent to her for her tree! (um... the kinder chocolate didn't make it to the photo.... it made it to my mouth though!!

Sandra also sent me a beautiful card.... um, I haven't made cards this year... bad martha!


Joanne Huffman said...

I love the tree you sent out and it looks like you got some very nice goodies (I understand about the chocolate not making it to the photo).

Maija said...

I love the stuff you sent and the goodies your received!!! Merry Christmas!!

Elizabeth said...

Delightful!! Bad Elizabeth ahs not made cards this year either. I am planning on New Years cards however!!! Ho Ho hO!!!

Your little house ornament is such a treasure!! i loaded my art tree and have several Martha ornaments on it!!!!