Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

I am so far behind with everything right now. School ended on Friday and then I had a little winter solstice gathering on Sunday. Now I can relax for a week! And catch up on everything.

This year I'm participating in the Canadian Chickies 12 Days of Christmas swap. I'm a bit behind in the postings.
Here are Days 1-7!
Day 1: Arlene made us each leather cuffs with some hammered wire detail. I wore mine to school every day last week (after I opened it). Arlene! It is perfect!

Day 2: Brittni made us little books with a tiny turtle dove tucked inside!

Day 3: Mar made us each beautiful tree magnet and a personalized mini painting. The magnet totally coordinates with my fridge (how did you do that, Mar?).

I have the painting right beside my computer. See love birds on a branch -- aren't they so sweet?
Day 4: Kathryn made matchbox shrine necklaces for us. She knows that I love the water, so she made mine in watery colours with shells and fish on it. Inside there is a piece of net and a crystal for wishing.

Day 5 : me!
I sent my Joy banners! Have a joyful holiday!

Day 6: Sabina made little winter fairies in jars. She looks perfect with my winter display in my living room. (I cannot get a good picture of this -- my camera just WILL NOT focus on the inside of the jar....)
Day 7: Dawn made each of us personalized vintage hang -ups and crystalized key necklaces. I have the hanging in my entranceway already!!!!The necklace says "eclectic chickie" on it -- that really sums me up, doesn't it?


Maija said...

Wonderful swap!!! You Canadians are pretty clever!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful Christmas swap gifts!!!
Happy Solstice to you!! Are you staying up to see the Lunar Eclipse!!!???

Joanne Huffman said...

Great swap! Happy Solstice~