Friday, August 28, 2009

Mystery art

Did I tell you that my sewing machine died again? I won't be going back to that repair shop ever ever again.
I've been working on things that I can't post yet..... surprises. Here is a sneak peak of my assembly line....Oh, what will it be????
I had to finish whatever it was on my old Singer. We'll just call it "old reliable" It's a Singer 237 made in the mid 1960s. I hope it never needs servicing because it's built into a cabinet... I normally just have my bernina on top of the cabinet. My bernina 801 has gone to visit the Bernina Head Office for maintenance. I included the spring, washers, nut and bolt that I found on the inner bottom of the machine. Cross your fingers that it doesn't cost a fortune.


vivian said...

hmmm.. wondering what it'll be. when do you go back to school?

Patti G. said...

Martha dear, sorry about your machine.........and ooooooooo I cannot wait to see what you are making! I know it will be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will check back to seeeeeeeeeeeee ok?
Sending a hug,Patti

Jo Wholohan said...

ohhhh the suspense :)) cant wait to see!! xx

Joanne Huffman said...

Aaarrrrghhhh! You found nuts and bolts on the bottom of your machine case?!?!! I am aggravated for you. Your project looks very intriguing and I look forward to seeing it completed.

Jacky said...

This looks interesting..... when do we get to see the finished product?????
I hope you get your bernina back soon (although the trusty old Singer sounds like its doing a great job for you). Sincerely hope they dont charge you after finding pieces of the machine in the base!!!

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Jacky xox

juneh said...

ack...funny thing is that Cori is having the same problems with her machine too...Glad to see you are still able to create!

This girl said...

Hello! Just wanted to say I just found your blog and love your art, and your doggy :)



uncertainvoyage said...

I'm getting a new machine. I have to just accept that I got a lemon. Any suggestions?