Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Art Unraveled

I had a fabulous time at ArtUnraveled! Staying with Maija and Ruth was perfect. They are both so fun to be around. And are perfect roommates! (well, except for the thermostat wars with Ruth, lol, I like warm and she likes cold). I wish that I had taken pictures... at least Maija did :)
Next year, I hope to bring Ray -- or meet him here, so we both can take some classes, and then do some sightseeing.
I saw some wonderful results from classes. I'd love to take a class from Lorri Scott, Stephanie Lee, Thomas Ashman or Alisa Burke.


Elizabeth said...

i just traveled through all of your art unraveled photos!! you really had a blast!!! Wasn't Susan Lenart a hoot???
Love the piece that you bought from Karen Michel!!
Tell Lauren that she rocks and is a wonderful role model for those of us who need to exercise more!!!!
I just had my first dyeing workshop- I am hooked what a blast!!
I am going to make myself some clothes with the fabrics that I dyed!!!
Did you get your sewing machine fixed!???? Hope so !!
Big hugs!

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