Monday, August 10, 2009

ArtUnraveled Day 5

Two classes today!!!
First I took Judy Wise --
Stencil Self Portraits
Choose a favorite photograph of yourself at any age and we will turn that photograph into a stencil master that can be combined with collage and used in many ways on a variety of projects. We will each cut our own stencil, then create a painted and collaged background for it. We will discuss how to determine if a particular photograph will make a good stencil, how to make the best cuts, the use of negative and positive space in a composition and how to make our compositions pop. A final layer of beeswax and resin will be added to each piece.
This was an all day class -- it was soooo fun! I cut out this stencil -- I think that my mom took the picture when I was 3! I'll be using this stencil a lot in the upcoming months... And another that I have just finished cutting. I would take ANY class that Judy was teaching. I loved it that much.
In the evening I took a class from Kelly Kilmer.

Goin’ Postal: Mixed Media Mail Art

I love receiving mail and I know I’m not the only one. I’m not talking about bills! I’m talking about layered postcards covered in rich, luscious slathers of acrylic and paper ephemera. I’ve done numerous workshops on mixed media postcards before, but this is a brand new one! I love the feel of making a totally unique piece of art, addressing it to a friend (or myself!) and dropping it in the mailbox. I guarantee you will too after this class!

Finally! I have been waiting for many years to be able to take an in-person class with Kelly. I have taken her online journal class (a most excellent online class -- go to Kelly's blog for more information), and have swapped with and emailed her but I have never met her. Kelly is so fun. Have you ever met someone that you only know through letters or from online, and then you meet them and you have nothing to say??? Well -- it wasn't like this with Kelly! She was "a kindred spirit" lol. I wish that I lived closer to her.....Anyway, her class was great and I tried really hard to play with her pens . My goal for the rest of the summer is to play with my OWN pens. I hope to take a book class with Kelly some day....Here are some of the postcards that I made -- none are really finished....


Kelly Kilmer said...


It was so cool to finally meet you!!! I LOVE your postcards. I hope you have fun playing with your pens and to see you again!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

love what you did in both these classes.