Monday, January 19, 2009


Heather and Joleen have a new issue out -- It's all about ART JOURNALING!!! Yay! -- you can see the Portals blog here. The blog is great too! You can purchase an issue from their etsy shop here.
Art journaling has totally infiltrated my life. I am taking Kelly Kilmer's Prompt a Day online Art Journaling class this month, and I am just loving Somerset's Art Journaling issue. AND for Christmas I bought myself LK Ludwigs's book, True Vision. Ray and I have a Journal date every Monday. We were going through Keri Smith's How to Be an Explorer of the World -- but that takes a bit of prep work, so now we choose a prompt from our Journal Jar. We'll try one of Keri's once a month.


Bunty said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog and for your interest - I was really pleased! I would like to sew more but my sewing machine isn't out all the time and so to get it out is a bit of a chore.I therefore tend to glue rather than sew but I really must try to sew more! Thank you for your inspriation and I love your work!

Best wishes


Ann said...

If you like art journaling, check out Emily's 52Q project:

The link explains the project and gives you the ? for week 1. Additional ?'s are posted weekly on her blog. We have a Flickr group, too, where we post our stuff.