Saturday, January 03, 2009

More Journal pages

What I'm learning:
1. It's hard to journal on cold pressed watercolour paper. I'm trying to use up a large stack of cold pressed watercolour paper, so I cut it up to journal on. It's too bumpy. And I have LOTS. So I'm off to buy some hot pressed :) I'll use the cold pressed for Round Robin book pages -- I don't journal on those (not with a pen anyway)
2. I don't like Paynes grey paint. Well, not yet anyway. Too dark. Maybe I'll like it for shading, someday. When the page is finished, and journaled on, I don't mind the paynes too much, but as I'm working on the page I hate it and it brings me down.
3. I like the idea of making a whole pile of background pages. Even with images already on them. Then picking one to journal on. That's why I prefer to journal on pages, and then "bind" them into a book later.
4. I have a new favourite pen!! It's the Pitt sepia pen in fine. It's not as harsh as black, and just glides over paint. Yay!
5. I really need to learn how to write in a straight line. Maybe I should draw some lines :)
6. My preferred method for paint application? My hands -- or a rag. I hate brush marks.
7. I like to do single pages -- I REALLY dislike doing spreads. Hmmmmmmm......
8. I hate doodling. I have a gazillion gel pens, but don't like to make little doodles on my page. I occasionally like to make dotted borders, but that's it.
9. I like journaling. Who knew? I like making art pages, and I like journaling. Hey, I like Art Journalling.
10. I used to dislike yellow. Now I like it. Especially mixed with magenta to make orange!
11. Ink smears. But if you zap it with the heat gun, it dries really fast.Kelly's Prompt a Day class is a great online class. If you can, join for February -- it's only $25 and she gives you a prompt every day -- not just the journaling prompt, but a step by step "how to" for the background and image placement. You can do the prompts at your leisure. I won't be able to keep up, but I'll do my best.


Anonymous said...

I so totally love your page, as one totally private person to another. I totally get it. Did I mention how fabulous you look? and how beautiful you are?

Susan Williamson said...

Fab pages Martha. I'm so glad you're sharing them with us. Like you, I live the Pitt sepia fine, but never thought of using it over paint. Thanks for the great tip.

Robin in Las Vegas said...

I love your journaling Martha, and really appreciate the tips listed at the bottom. I learn so much from everyone :)

Jacky said...

Hi Martha,

Love your journal pages (and I love the sepia coloured pitt pen too!). Enjoying seeing your journal evolve.

Joanne Huffman said...

You're making me want to journal. I love your pages.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Martha ! Came to check out your blog too ! Looks like you have definitely been bitten by the art journal bug ! It will bring you so much ! Love your likes and dislike list - a great tool for others starting out.
I'll be back !

MarissaDW said...

I love your pages. Hmm. You just inspired me to use my sheets of watercolour paper that's been sitting idle.

Maija said...

Beautiful page! What nib do you like for the Pitt pen?

Talking Horses Arts said...

Martha this is beautiful. I do not do a lot of journaling, still learning.
Wish I could join you in that class but February is going to be a very busy time for me. I do not start anything unless I know for sure I can keep up with it....
Thanks so much for sharing.

Heather said...

So fun, these are awesome. One of my goals for 2009 is to journal more.
PS Check out my blog.. I tagged you!