Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sometimes I scare myself.....

Lauren and I went to the mall today and played in the photobooth. We have some wonderful photos! We're going to make this a regular occurance. Aren't we cute? But wait, there is a piece de resistance! Look to the right! I brought props. This cretin is me! No extra makeup! These strips of pictures were taken seconds apart! I would switch sidewalks to avoid this pirate! (all I put on was the scarf and a piece of candy wrapper on my tooth) . The pirate pics will be made into ATCs for Dawn Supina's Wacky Photo Booth Swap. I will include a "real" pic of me on the back. Although, scarily, those to the left are just as real. And sheesh, I usually think that I look better without my glasses. Please click on the photos for super scary enlargements!
Who knew that a pirate lived inside of me?????
Maybe I should start talking pirate!

Now, mateys, if ye intends to go on readin this blog, ye better get used to the new way a talkin. Avast and shiver me timbers!

"Avast belay, yo ho, heave to,
A-pirating we go
And if we're parted by a shot
We're sure to meet below!"
"Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life,
The flag o'skull and bones
A merry hour, a hempen rope,
And hey for Davy Jones."
(Peter Pan)

Hey! Did you know that September 19 is International "Talk Like a Pirate" Day? I'm definitely celebrating this one!


A bird in the hand said...

Yeah. You scare me too. Yo ho ho.

here is this photobooth?? I've been looking for one...... xox

Dawn said...

Nice to "meet" you finally, Martha. Arrrr ~ so ye are a pirate you say? LOL My son and his friend just made a pirate movie last week. It's very cheesy and silly ~ it's on YouTube under the title: Pirate of Rum. There are two parts to it, so ya gotta watch both. Can't wait to get your Wacky Photo Booth ATCs. Wheee!!! ... or should I say "Yo, ho, ho!"
~ Dawn

Raine K said...

Ahoy Matey! Love both sets of pics! We're doing a self-portrait theme this month for my ATC group. I usually love self portraits but haven't summoned any inspiration for these yet.