Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm Back!

Well, I've been back since Sunday but I'm sick. Really sick. So with school and all, I haven't had time to post. ArtFest was fantastic. It was wonderful meeting Ally after emailing for over a year! We had so much fun with Ruth, Nancy and Catherine. And I met some wonderful people: Heather, Maija, Tejae, Victoria, Tara and my shuttle buddy Brenda -- who lives in the US, but still very close -- in fact we spend parts of the summer in the same provincial park!! After many days of searching, I finally found Rita, but by the end of ArtFest was only able to give feeble conversation! Sorry, Rita!
I have posted pics on my Picturetrail in the ArtFest 2007 Folder . If you're wondering if I ever wear anything but black, well, yes I do, but not often!
Also check out Ruth's blog and her flikr to see many other incriminating pictures of me (and Ruth, Nancy, Ally and our house, and classes and other fun stuff)[that's me, Ruth and Ally in the picture above]
I took classes from Traci Bautista, Linda and Opie O'Brien and Michael deMeng. I finished a bracelet in Linda and Opie's class, and Ruth helped me turn it into a necklace. (well, actually Ruth did it while I watched. Actually, I didn't even watch, I turned away for a moment and it was finished. So I'll just tell the truth and say Ruth did it)

I'm wearing it here, in this picture of Tejae and me at vendors night. And here's a closeup: It's made of copper, sterling silver and tins (like cookie tins or olive oil tins). I made it all -- I cut the copper and the sterling, aged it, stamped the numbers on the sterling, cut out the copper tab charms, cut out the tin, and wired it all together (the bracelet chain was pre made).

I didn't finish anything else, but as I do, I'll post it! And I haven't even opened my trades yet, but when I do I'll post them too. (I'm waiting until I have time to have a tea and savour them one by one)


Jacky said...

Nice to have you back Martha... I really hope you are feeling much better.
Thanks for the photos, they are great. Cant wait to see your other pieces finished as your necklace is amazing. It must feel incredible to be able to make all of those different charms! Sounds like a wonderful class.
Hope you've rested and had your cup of tea.

Susan Williamson said...

Welcome back! You look like you were just glowing at Artfest...and I love the necklace.

joanne huffman said...

Martha, I hope you feel better soon. Aren't art retreats wonderful!?!?!! Your nicklace is absolutely stunning.

Holly Stinnett said...

Martha, it was a pleasure meeting you at ArtFest! I love the charm that I received from you; it's one of my favorites for sure!! I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Take care,
Venice, CA