Monday, July 06, 2015

Today in Port Mouton -- Weaving!

It's summer and I am (finally) in Nova Scotia. It was a stressful school year, so I am ready to relax a bit before beginning my planning for the next school year. The weather is beautiful. Yesterday and today -- mid to high 70's and sunny. A bit of a breeze to keep the mosquitoes down. (and the black flies! Those little buggers are bad this year!)

I've been busy weaving mats from old fishing ropes. Some of the local fishermen have given me rope -- and -- my contractor is always on the lookout or rope a the dump :) I'm already known as a scavenger / magpie here. (Plus I make them some mats if they give me some rope!)

They are great for indoors or out. Andy is my quality control guy.

The rope comes in different "gauges". The rope below is quite narrow.

I just make them to give away. Some people sell them here, and I don't want to cut into anyone else's profits :). 


Amanda Pedro said...

luverly! And Yay!!! You're here now. :}

vivian said...

very cool! glad youre enjoying your summer break. I think teachers definitely deserve their summers off!
miss ya!