Thursday, July 09, 2015

Today in Port Mouton - Kayaking

Today I decided to pull my big girl pants up, and kayak in the ocean. Not just our little inlet ( "the pond"), but the big ocean on the other side of the dyke!
You have to time your exit carefully. You can travel out of the dyke about 2 hours after low tide.... when the water is flat. 
Going out was fine! 
Then we paddled around the cove ...

Bob's wharf ...

Then it was time to paddle home. Our house is the one on the left :)

Then all we had to do was paddle through the dyke.
What you can't see here is the roiling current and the Niagara Falls - like drop. Because this is a point that has reversing falls...

I bravely paddled through. It was scary and I got a wee bit wet from the splashing ... It was maybe a 3/4 Metre drop. But seriously! Felt like Niagara Falls! 

Back now to the sunporch eating strawberries and reading a book. I've had enough excitement for today..




Joanne Huffman said...

I'm very impressed by your bravery!

Anonymous said...

Brave Heart!
Brave New World!
Wonderful pic of the Hellespont.
Didn't Ullyses have to carry an oar all over the earth to find another as brave.?
I think I'll just eat berries on the sun porch, if that's O.K.

vivian said...

you are brave! I would have been too chicken to do it. have fun miss martha!

peppersprouts said...

looks like a beautiful day!!!!