Thursday, August 01, 2013

Today in Port Mouton

Sunny with some clouds, high of 21 (70f)

I have been working my butt off!

It seems to rain every other day, so the outside painting has really slowed down (the wood has to dry out for about 2 days before i can paint, so I've been 1 1/2 weeks without painting)

However, I've been painting inside!

Here's the sunporch:



And the bedroom:




Unfortunately ALL of this paint in the bedroom has to be sanded off and redone. The paint store sold me an expensive primer (over $50!!) and said that it would be "perfect for this" (it is fake wood paneling - the primer adhered well to the real wood paneling) Well, it wasn't. 2 coats of primer and a coat of paint later, it does this when I run the back of my fingernail over i (not even scratching with my nail -- running the BACK over it. sigh....) Will sand it back to get a better grip. Hopefully, the paint store will replace the paint and primer. It's Benjamin Moore, so a bit spendy. Pretty, though, isn't it? It's not a huge job to redo, but super annoying because, as you know, I'm here without transportation, so I have to wait for Mr. B to return to go to the paint store. Grrr.

Having said that, I have 2 wonderful Nova Scotia friends who I met through blogland, although hilariously coincidentally, I went to the same High School as Sara - at the same time (but she was 3 grades above me so I didn't know her), and Amanda lived a few blocks from my school in Toronto until she moved here just over a year ago.

Amanda was going on a road trip to Lunenburg and offered to take me along (who says no to Lunenburg? Pas moi!). After stopping in Bridgewater to pick me up a dehumidifier and a fan (super damp basement - 85%  humididty) and going to the fabric store and to some trift shops, and the grocery store... we finally made it to Lunenburg and went to Dots and Loops and The Makery. I didn't escape without some personal shopping....
(Little house necklace by Gold Fools, from Halifax)

And Sara came to visit and very graciously took me into town - to the hardware store... where I picked up painters drop clothes. Tune in tomorrow to see what I did with them..... We also hit the grocery store (i have enough tp to last a year) and we went out for lunch at Lanes. I recommend it!  Afterwards we took Andy for a walk on the beach. He loved it! I haven't taken him in his bike trailer to the beach yet. My legs and lungs are still getting used to the solo rides up the hills.

(you can click on their names to visit their blogs)

Woo Hoo - 2 dry days in a row! As soon as the dew drys, I can paint outside! I hope to get a lot finished today. Wish me luck!


Joanne Huffman said...

The sunporch looks great. Sorry to hear you have to redo the bedroom. It sounds like a really busy summer with lots of hard work on your part. Happy to see you blogging again. I've missed you.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Nice job! I too had a problem with Benjamin Moore paints. I did a piece of furniture and it's almost as if the primer NEVER allowed the topcoat to dry. Very odd. Good luck resolving your issue. The whole thing looks GREAT! Glad to hear that you are settling in to your little nest. Love that you are back blogging.

Debra Wren said...

Martha, those rooms look AMAZING! What a transformation with a few coats of paint. As for the way the paint has not adhered, well, GGGRRRRRRRR!

vivian said...

looks great Martha! too bad you have to redo the bedroom. but like you said, at least its a small room. Im glad youre enjoying yourself and that you have friends there already.
and enough tp to last a year! lol! perfect!
have fun my friend.

Lorri Scott said...

hey Martha, missing you ay AU! Sounds like you're super busy and it's very possible my husband and I may come to Nova Scotia this fall. If so we have to meet up. xo