Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coffee Tea and Onion Skins with Lorri Scott

I loved this class! I wish that I had take Lorri's day and a half class too!

I brought all of my leftover silk ribbon (from a class that I took last year), so I was able to dye a lot. I wish that the silk would hold the red of the onion skins though. When you unwrap the silk it is a beautiful burgundy -- but when you rinse and wash it the next day, it comes out a yellow/grey. I will still be using it all up on some embellished re-made clothing this year. I have been engrossed in India Flint's Eco Dye book this year, so taking this class from Lorri was just what I needed!


I also found out that Lorri used to live in Nova Scotia -- on the LaHave Islands. Such a small world. Her husband was a boat builder there (Covey Boatworks). When I traveled out to NS a few years ago, the Covey building burned down. So I knew exactly where she was..... (more on my most recent trip to NS later)

The Verdict
Would I take a class from Lorri again? Yes Please! (oh, I hope for an altered clothing class)
Will I dye using natural materials again? Yes!


Joanne Huffman said...

I loved both classes I took with Lorri and I just ordered the India Flint book. I haven't yet found anything that keeps its redness, but I'm still looking.

Jacky said...

Martha, lovely to see your eco-dyeing...it's quite addictive isn't it?
I did some dyeing on the weekend with wattle and euphorbia. Not a lot of colour from the wattle, but the euphorbia is looking a bit more promising. I am trying for a mustardy yellow (if that possible). Trying marigolds when I can get a hold of some.

Enjoyed this post.

Jacky xox