Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bench Scraps (Richard Salley)

(Still posting about Art Unraveled in August)

I took this class from Richard because I thought that I should take some more classes from the big jewelry teachers :). You know, so my techniques could be better. I pretty much knew all of the basics... but Richard taught us how to set a bezel -- I haven't set either of mine yet (I'm a sloooooowww worker). I'm getting really good at sawing and setting rivets though!

We used our own scraps -- and also shared our scraps with others in the class. I liked the sharing part. I picked up a cool etched scrap that I used as a background in this piece (that, of course, isn't finished yet. But is close :) I want to "finish" the holes with tube rivets (after I drill them). I mde the resin element in Susan Lenart Kazmer's class 2 years ago, and the etched "truth" in Diane Cook's class last year. See! I eventually use everything I make :)

Richard is featured in the current "Art Jewelry" Magazine. I was lucky again in his class -- I won a copy! Don had previously given me a copy of it -- so Don and I conferred, and gave the copy to Geri -- who I see at AU every year, but I didn't know very well. I know her much better now -- she made some awesome jewelry this year!

I also made this heart pendant in Richard's class. I gave it to Maija at ArtUnraveled for her birthday. Her new tattoo says "hope" and I know that it is a word very close to her heart......


nancy said...

wonderful work!! and i love richard, he is the best teacher!

Kimberly said...

Really loving that top piece. You are so lucky to be able to take advantage of some great teachers.

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool work. I really enjoyed the class I took with Richard two years ago.