Sunday, March 20, 2011


I saw snowdrops yesterday. Spring is really here! The sun has been shining for days -- but it's still freezing and there is still some snow on my front garden (where I piled it when shoveling the walk. I'll be out soon cleaning off the fallen leaves and mulch. Maybe next weekend.

March Break is over. My basement isn't finished yet -- but at least I have some clear space to work/play. This is some work in progress -- postcards for ihanna's postcard swap. Someone gave me a bunch of craft paints and I'm trying to use them up. They're kind of dried out, but I'm managing to get some colour out of them! Very springlike. I'll likely stamp some interesting quotations on them -- but maybe no collage? or maybe some gesso to tone them down a bit... We'll see... The 2 at the back (collaged) will get some stitching on them and then they'll be finished!


Anonymous said...

you can see the season

influencing the color of yur postacrds..

meanwhile it is raining and autumny here.. and we welcome the chance to rug up a bit.

me again said...

Love that blast of colour!

Maija said...

Snow?! WTF?!?
Your cards are a beautiful blast of sunshine!!!

A bird in the hand said...

Our tables are interchangeable....