Sunday, January 02, 2011

Art Unraveled 2011 -- and a little giveaway

Art Unraveled is the best possible retreat for me. It happens in the summer when I am off work, and I get to visit my wonderful friend Maija in Phoenix!

Registration for AU begins January 10. The event is August 1-9, 2011. My registration will be in the mail on Tuesday! (you have to register early to get the classes that you want)
I am so torn when choosing classes because, inevitably, there are two classes that I want to take at the same time. Here is what I am hoping to take this year:

Tues:Briar Rose Shrine Pendant (Diana Frey) or Bottle Cap Beads (Melissa Manley) (I want the pendant, but I want to learn how to make the beads....)
Tues Evening : Dremel Applications - Thomas Ashman
Wed: Non Trad. Forms (Susan Lenart Kazmer) or Wood collage Totems (Karen Michel)(so torn between these two)
Thurs: Monoprinting on Fabric (Jane Lafazio)
Thurs Night: Addicted to Tape (Kelly Kilmer)
Fri: Sketching and Watercolour for Journals - Pinecones and Pods (Jane Lafazio)
Friday Night : Creativity Exposed (Ruth Rae)
Sat: Podheads (Lisa Renner)
Mon: A Day to Dye For (Lorri Scott)
Mon Night: Party Animal (Olivia Thomas)

This will give me a bit of jewelry, a bit of fabric and a few extra fun classes.

Here is the giveaway part :)
Every year at this time I participate in the "Art Unraveled Techniques Fatbook". I had to make lots of 4x4 pages showing a technique that I learned last year at AU. I chose Ruth's class "The Journey" and the technique that I learned was "fabric and transparency manipulation and alteration" -- I love Ruth's classes!

Anyway, I made a few extra 4x4s and would like to give some away..... So answer this question in the comments. (okay there are two questions). Do you go to art retreats? Why or why not? I go because I love taking classes, and I love seeing my bloggy friends. I see it as my vacation (mental and physical) and I save up all year to be able to afford it. Some years I can't afford it. Then I stay home :). I'll choose a few winners on January 10th!

Want to create your own mini - retreat? Seven of us have a little one in Niagara every year. We worked together with Sandy Camarda to create this book:

You can buy one on her blog! Right now there is free shipping!


Kim Mailhot said...

I do go to art retreats when I can. I have made a committment to do an art related retreat or trip for myself at least once every two years. Some years, it has been hard to come up with the money but when I set the intention, the $$$ seems to come ! So cool !
I love getting together with other artists, learning from teachers and each other and being immersed in a creative environment. I am so happy to say that I have actually found a good group of art friends all here in New Hampshire where I live and we have managed to get together and have arty fun several times a year for mini-retreats too. I taught the gang a whole bunch of art journaling techniques at our Cape Cod get together in September !
Doesn't it feel so good to nurture that Artists Soul ? Rock on, Miss Martha, and thanks for the sweet giveaway !

Elizabeth said...

What aclass lineup!!!! If you ahve not had a class with Susanlenart Kazmer- I can't reccomend it enough- she is sucha kick!!!! I would be torn there too and I ahve not even looked at the bottle cap beads!!!!! I do love Art Retreats and I go to ones that are close by when I can. The Mommy guilt is kicking in less and less as they can survive without me for a few days!!!! I love the vibe and the buzz and the total excitment that permeates the place and the recharge for me for creating as well as the validation for what I am doing make it so very valuable for me!!!!
I love these pages that you made using Ruth's techniques. I would so love to meet our famous Creative Chix- someday. You can give her a big hug for me however!!!!

Heather said...

You know I love going to art retreats.. especially ones where I can see my best buds. I was really hoping to try to go to AU this year but I think I am going to have to pass because we are planning to go to MN in August to visit family & friends. I think I'd rather go to AU but family duty calls, its been years since we have been back and really need to see Greg's Dad as he is unable to travel any longer and his health is not great.
If you manage to get to CA at all this year, I'd love to see you and I have a bed that you are welcome to.
lots of love and wishing you the best in the new year.

Pallas said...

I haven't attended an art retreat mainly due to cost, but think I'll start a savings fund just for that purpose. Please enter my name in your giveaway for the darling 4x4.

MarissaDW said...

I used to go to art retreats. Went to Vancouver for Artwerx. If I have the money and time....I definitely would go to learn new techniques and meet new art like minded people. But with my little guy and work, it's been hard to getaway. Have been trying to do online classes and do art workshop with friends.

I love seeing what others have made for their retreats. Thanks for sharing and would to have a chance to win your giveaway.

Happy New Year Martha!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love AU - both for the classes and the people (always strikes me funny that I go to Phoenix to see you and you're only a day's drive away). I'm mailing off my AU registration today.

Dawn said...

I have never had the opportunity to go to an ART retreat ~ although I've always wanted to. I've toyed with the idea of organizing one in our area, but still haven't found another artist committed enough to want to work on it with me. *sigh* Maybe someday. There is an obvious lack of such activities in our neck of the woods!!

Maija said...

You know which ones I go to since 2 of them involve you!!

Jennifer Conway said...

I haven't been on an art retreat........yet! I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go, but so far the cost, and small children have stopped me from going. It would be great to spend a weekend with like-minded, art loving people! One day (soon I hope) I'll get myself organized enough to head out to an art retreat! *smiles* ~Jen