Friday, January 01, 2010

It really is remarkable!

I worked in my studio today!!! Now, that doesn't sound very remarkable -- but today is the first day that I have really painted at the big table in my basement studio (backgrounds for 30 fatbook pages) and I sat and made valentine ornaments. Why is this remarkable? -- The basement is COLD (I got a little space heater) and kind of dark (my mom gave me an OTT light for Christmas! And I've almost finished painting and putting up the shelves. Soon I'll be able to sit down there with a book and a tea and have a quiet/ alone time read!!! Woo Hoo! Remarkable!


Sandy Michelle said...

That is remarkable! I am warming up by my little heater in my art room right now. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I mentioned you in my last blog post about new years reolutions..LOL! I hope this is a great year for you!


vivian said...

You;ll have to show us pictures of your room when you get it all set up! I just ordered some wool roving and as soon as it comes I'll be making your felted hearts! pink and red?? You never said anything about the sizes.. I'm assuming around and inch/inch in a half? let me know!
hugs and happy new year!


I can't remember how I found your blog but I just did through blog hopping and I'm so glad I found you. Your blog is lovely and I shall add you to my list

Happy New Year
Carolyn x

penny patten said...

Oh how we never have enough time. I know how you feel, some times its hard to find our creative time. Happy New year, I enjoyed stopping by your blog.

Elizabeth said...

That is beyond wonderful Miss M!! Sucha thrill to get to that point isn't it??/ Do you have any fingerless mitts? They would keep your hands warm!!!!
Great to see you give a new Year's gift to yourself!!! I don't know what I would do without my OTT light!!!
Happy Hugs!

Elizabeth said...

P.S Carolyn of Love Stitching Red found you thru ME!!! I posted your fabulous ornamanet and she commented that it was her favorite. She does amazing work at BOTH of her blogs and you two have similar styles. I followed up her comment to me, telling her that she had to visit YOU, and she did!!! WHOO HOOOO now I just wish that we could gather in real time!!!! I love hooking folks up on the web!!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I know what you mean by cold as the computer is in the basement and my fingers just freeeeeeeze.
I first found you in the first SEW magazine and just loved what you did with birds.

Maija said...

I think you are remarkable! Happy New Year darling Martha! The M is all about you baby!

Sharon said...

It's remarkable that I finished 2 sweaters for Andy to try. It's also remarkable that I've resisted the urge to undermine myself. No pressure, Martha. If they aren't suitable, I shall just add them to my inventory. Now that you're back to work, I could maybe ease things by mailing them to you. You'd have to send me your address though: to
Happy New Year even as it remarkably becomes old with the passage of time.

Amelia said...

It does sound remarkable. I always try and carve time out to 'make' and it is hard, plus I don't have a proper studio . . . . yet . . . now that would be remarkable! What a good word to live by for this year!

Lovely things you have here too!