Monday, January 11, 2010


(fabric from my stash)
I'm a bit behind :) For Christmas I made Ray and Lauren knitting needle rolls. And now I understand why they are $30 in the stores! Actually , I don't understand how people can sell them so cheaply. They take a lot of fabric and a lot of time to make. But, I will do just about anything to make my knitters happy!
(fabric from the workroom)

And my happy knitters made me so much for Christmas! Ray made me a sweater (a bit hard to fit, so it is in modification mode right now) But he made me these wonderful socks too! I love handknit socks and would like a pair every Christmas and birthday, please. And you say that I'm hard to shop for!!!

Lauren knit me some burgundy legwarmers (not shown) and she made these fabulous mittens. I know how to knit, but I can't get my tiny brain around how to make these. She says it's like doing a little tiny cable with a contrasting colour. I'll just take her word for that :)
My happy knitters have put in an order for some small needle rolls to hold the small double pointed needles (for socks and mittens) so I'll be working on those soon.


vivian said...

omg! how awesome! I'm freezing and coming down with a stupid bug, I would love to have those nice warm socks right now!

Maija said...

Your knitting needle cases and their creations are spectacular!! Well done!!

age care fabrics said...

That’s a very clever idea! I love the knitting tool fabrics… so cool.

synctactics said...

I love your work, brilliant… especially the tool holder.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I love my hand knitted socks and an [very slowly] knitting a third pair for myself. They make for happy winter feet. Your needle cases look wonderful. Your socks and mittens are delightful and I hope you get some every year.

Jacky said...

Love the mittens and socks...what clever knitter you have. I am going to try a pair of socks this year too...I am smitten by hand knitted socks!

The knitting needle cases are wonderful Martha...lucky knitters to have you in their midst.

Jacky xox

Pilar said...

Your knitting friends are awesome. What great detail, time and skill they put into those gifts. They simply rock! I am glad I am not the only one who have found creating knitting or brush rolls to be time consuming, frustrating, etc... I have tried my hand at different patterns and they require a patience I do not possess. Your cases turned out splended and I am sure are well loved. : D

Elizabeth said...

Lauren's mittens are fabulous!! your needle rolls are treasures as well!! Love seeing the wonders that you create!!!