Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You will walk in good company

My spread in Megan's black and white book:

It was inspired by a Jane Siberry song:

The Valley
i live in the hills
you live in the valleys
and all that you know are those blackbirds
yoou rise every morning
wondering what in the world will the world bring today
will it bring you joy or will it take it away
and every step you take is guided by
the love of the light on the land and the blackbird's cry
you will walk in good company

the valley is dark
the burgeoning holding
the stillness obscured by their judging
you walk through the shadows
uncertain and surely hurting
deserted by the blackbirds and the staccato of the staff
and though you trust the light towards which you wend your way
sometimes you feel all that you wanted has been taken away
you will walk in good company

i love the best of you
you love the best of me
though it is not always easy
lovely? lovely?
we will walk in good company

the shepherd upright and flowing
you see...

Megan sang this song to her tiny baby in the hospital. The song has been playing in my head ever since. I had to use it to let it out!


a canuck's blog... said...

Yes,very nice work and an awesome poem/song. But if I had heard Jane Sibery singing it would have been turned off. I guess I have too many flashes of "Mimi on the beach" when I hear her name,[shudder] which then reminds me unpleasantly of Martha and the Muffins..egads...

Joanne Huffman said...

What neat spreads! I love black and white.

Raine K said...

Gorgeous spreads - and I love Jane Siberry - I have several of her albums and saw her live at a music festival in Seattle 10 years ago (eeek - I'm getting OOOOOOLD!)