Thursday, June 28, 2007

Incredible Illness

Today was supposed to be the last day of school. Brunch and meetings and cleaning the classroom and the like. Instead, I spent it at home in bed. When I spoke to the school (Miriam called me)(thanks Miriam!) I was told that about half the staff couldn't come. It was the incredible puking illness. At first we thought that it was heat exhaustion -- it was over 40 degrees C in the school (104 F). People were really sick at school, and dropping like flies. But I'm pretty sure that it is some stomache flu. With a nasty headache. I haven't thrown up in more than 20 years! It was ucky! (aren't you glad that I'm sharing?????)
So tomorrow (Friday) will be the last day of school. I hope that I manage to do all of my work in one day. I don't want to have to go next week too.
Having said all of that, I'm behind on anything that was to be mailed out this week. C'est la vie....


Catherine said...

Oh Martha that is awful! I've had that kind of flu, but now I get flu shots cause I hate it and I don't really feel better for days. How can you even post? I'd be laying down with my head under a pillow to block out the noise. Hope you really do feel better by tomorrow. xo

Anonymous said...

Hope you and everyone feel bettter soon, Martha!

Hugs from Beth :)

Joanne Huffman said...

Martha, I had the same symptoms last February. I think it's that thing that makes cruise ships turn back home. It whips through people like crazy, but it's relatively short lived. I hope you feel very much better, very soon.

Debby Harriettha said...

Oh dear! I hope you are feeling much better today!


Jackie L. said...

I am so sorry you are ill. I hope you are feeling much better very, very quickly.
"School's out for summa. No more pencils, no more books...." Yay, for you, relax and make art time!

Jackie L.

Susan Williamson said...

Oh Martha. I feel for you. Try to take it easy if you can.

A bird in the hand said...

I hope it was a short 24-hour thing and that you're feeling better today. Thoses things can be vile.

Happy Canada Day!