Sunday, July 06, 2014


That would be Hurricane Arthur - Tropical Storm Arthur - Post Tropical Storm Arthur - paid us a visit out here in the maritimes. We're on the South Shore - the southeast side of Nova Scotia , and we weren't hit as bad as the west side -- and New Brunswick.
However -- we woke up on Saturday morning with no power, so we've been puttering around waiting for the power to come back on. Back in
Toronto, I have a gas stove -- so if the power goes off, I can still cook. Here.... Nothing. Severe caffeine withdrawal! At least chips and dip don't need cooking...... 

Here is my attempt at heating water over a candle (hey, it worked!)

And wow! That is some wind! I don't know how the leaves stay on the trees!
The rose petals have ALL  blow off of my rose bushes. Humph. My peonies are horizontal!!!
I didn't want to get into big painting projects until Mr. B had left, so I couldn't begin painting ( upcoming -- the living room ceiling and walls, then the mud porch)
So I've been reading. I just finished The Book Thief ( ripped m heart out!! - can't believe that this is a children's book!) now I'm onto Shauna Singh Baldwin's - The Tiger Claw -- set at the end of WWII. I'm only 27 pages in, so,not sure if it's as good as What the Body Remembers.

I'm also finishing ( knitting) a pair of socks and am about to start a new pair.
We've begun a new tradition here. Happy Hour! Snacks and libations on the sun porch! 

*** we finally got our power back at noon on Sunday ***


vivian said...

oh.. no fun to be in the dark! Do you have to take the ferry to get to your summer home? You should post a little map so we can see exactly where you are! Enjoy your time there Martha.
miss ya!

jocelyn said...

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and hopefully you remain free of hurricane alley!

Joanne Huffman said...

Glad you got your power back. I, also, have no idea why The Book Thief is in the YA category.