Thursday, October 03, 2013

Uppercase #19 is out!

I have almost every issue of UPPERCASE magazine. It's a regular purchase, even though it is a bit spendy. It is so worth it! Subscribe here,  OR if you live near me in Toronto, you can pick up a copy (and past issues) at The Workroom. (Queen Street West at Brock). While you're there, pick up some fabric ! Make something!

Have a flip through.....


jocelyn said...

Love this post! Love Upper Case! Just got my most recent copy in Kensingtom market, but should subscribe. Hope all is well.

Don Madden said...

Ok, how about you make something for ME?

vivian said...

must be only in Canada? Ive never seen it here and I spend a lot of time in the magazine sections of the bookstore! lol!
have a great weekend Martha!
PS!! happy Thanksgiving!!! I think this is your thanksgiving weekend there right?