Friday, July 05, 2013

Today in Port Mouton

Sunny,breezy, high of 26 ( 79F)

As many of you know, We bought a little house in Nova Scotia this year. (You can read about my excitement here) . We have finally arrived! We got here on July 1 (a 2 day drive from Toronto). The last few days have been spent buying groceries, waiting for our truck to arrive with our stuff, unpacking our stuff... etc., etc.,)

Now I have a minute or two to blog :)

Here is the house!
That's a "pond" in behind and to the left. Across the road is the ocean.
We can kayak in the pond and in the ocean!.

(click on the photo to make it larger!)

It is currently a light blue/grey. We have spent part of yesterday and today preparing it for paint (it sorely needs a paint job).

That window on the side is a large window in the kitchen. I sat drinking my tea this morning watching loons in the pond (it is a huge "pond" -- more like a lake - it gets water from the ocean and has a "reversing falls" where they meet.

I'll be blogging a lot more frequently now -- and showing lots of photos of our transformation.

Anyone coming to Nova Scotia this summer? Coming to visit me?


Amanda Pedro said...

I'll come visit. You have internet there?
oo, so exciting. I almost dropped in on Wednesday night, but it was late and I wanted to get home before the kids went to bed.
clap clap clap.

Joanne Huffman said...

It looks wonderful. You'll have to make a schedule with all the people who will want to come visit. Can I put my reservation in for next summer?

A bird in the hand said...

Love the name Port Mouton (les moutons, ron-ron - a childhood ditty). Loons on the pond and the sea on the other side, priceless. Next year for sure. xo

jocelyn said...

You're back! How exciting to see your charming summer home! I will hold a vision of you doing lots of art and crafts - once the painting and putting away is done of course. Enjoy your summer!

Pallas said...

Sure is a cute house.

Carmi said...

Just gorgeous!

Therese said...