Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Sign

March Photo a Day Challenge: "a sign"
No Fun.
So, last week I had the flu ( no fun). This week I had a terrible earache ( no fun) Then my eardrum perforated (no fun). Now I've totally lost my voice (no fun). So I can't hear or speak.
Aren't I a bucket of fun? At least I can walk around in this BEAUTIFUL weather and take pictures! That's fun!

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vivian said...

awww! poor martha!! sending you lots of sympathy!!! Ive had this freaken cold on an off for 4 months. lost my voice over the weekend, and it still sounds pretty rough! I'm tired of it! Oh well.. sweet weather.. and exercise... will make me feel better... I'm hoping!
Hope for you too!

Joanne Huffman said...

Oh no! OH NO! (shouted the second time to be sure you heard). Enjoy the weather (warmth, sun and blue skies in mid March - definitely to be enjoyed. Hope things start looking up.