Sunday, May 15, 2011

So today Mr. B and I went on a tree tour. In the pouring rain. Oh, the things you do for love....

( The Lovely Miss L talking about the Serviceberries -- or Saskatoon Berries)

My daughter, the Lovely Miss L was giving an Edible Tree Tour in Trinity Bellwoods Park. She was representing LEAF at Park Day -- The Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park sponsored the event. Despite the rain -- there was great attendance -- between 15-20 people! L is a great speaker. Very knowledgeable -- I learned a lot!


Did you know that you can eat acorns? The ones from the White Oak tree are the best. You can roast them. Like chestnuts. The buds from the Redbud tree are delicious in salads. And you can use Spruce tips to make Spruce Tip Shortbread.

(spruce tips)

(latte to warm up my poor soggy body)

If you live near Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto and you are able to volunteer a bit of your time this summer, The Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park need some people to "adopt" some young trees. This involves watering the trees once a week if it is a week with no rain. Water, buckets and a wagon are available in the park -- they just need the people power to do it!


vivian said...

OH the rain.... are you tired of it? I dont think I can take another day of it. I bought all these beautiful planters on friday and they are so water logged now.. I hope they recover.. if it ever stops raining...
kudos to your daughter!
have a great week martha!!

Joanne Huffman said...

What a cool thing for her to do and what a supportive mom to go out in the rain for the tour!

Anonymous said...

I did not know you could eat acorns.... guess it works for squirrels :)

Jacky said...

We're pretty waterlogged over here soggy underfoot!
Lovely to see you out and about on a rainy day...I actually love being outdoors in the rain (light rain of course). Everything smells so good, especially the eucalypts along our road.
Very interesting post, informative!

Jacky xox