Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Little gifties

I've been making these tags as small gifts for friends. I've made a bunch to give out at ArtUnraveled to friends and teachers!

Here is my line up of classes:
Wed -- Play on Faces with Cynthia Anderson
Thurs night -- Waxed Collage with Trish Seggebruch
Fri -- Plastered in Wax with Trish Seggebruch
Friday night -- Wild about tiles with Laurie Mika
Saturday -- Transcribed with Kelly Kilmer
Sunday --The Journey with Ruth Rae
Sunday Night and Monday -- Controlled Chaos with Raina Gentry and Kristine Kollasch
Tuesday -- maybe.... Buried Treasure Folk Art Doll with Olivia Thomas....

The best thing about this huge lineup of classes is that I didn't have to buy anything. I already had ALL of the supplies. Well, except for the wood pieces for the waxed classes. My dad cut them. Thanks Daddy!

Then I get to hang out with Maija for a few days! WooHoo! I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. Hanging with Maija -- or taking classes. Hmmm.... Maija wins! (Mr. B was supposed to meet me here and we were supposed to travel in the desert -- but he couldn't come at the last minute :(


Joanne Huffman said...

I had to buy tons of stuff (one of the reasons I drove). So good to see you and looking forward to our 2 classes together.

Irene said...

Have a great time, and we are looking forward to some great posts about everything you are doing.

Kim Mailhot said...

Wowza !!! That is a full packed schedule, Matha ! What a treat ! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !

vivian said...

oh my! I'm jealous! the classes and maija! such fun! give her a hug and tell her happy birthday for me!

Heather said...

woohoo, fun! I still need a free motion machine so I can write with it..
You are going to LOVE Laurie's class 9 and all the others)
so jealous.. miss you!

rebecca said...

long drive home...we are finally here.
thank you for your lovely company and for the HAPPY!

you and maija,
now how sweet is that!!!!!

Jo Wholohan said...

total sewing writing envy on my part, loving it martha!!!!! have a ball in your classes girl xx

nancy said...

have a great time!!!

Lynette (NZ) said...

These tags are most gorgeous....I am enjoying your posts and have become a follower :-)