Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to Canada!

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night -- very proud to be Canadian. My daughter (22) and her friends found it to be incredibly boring --but I was happy enough . It is so sad that the event was overshadowed by the death of the Georgian luge racer. See mom? that's why I don't toboggan (I have never liked going fast downhill -- I don't toboggan or ski -- even riding my bike downhill makes me nervous!)


Anonymous said...

You wonder why "Downhill all the way" is so exhillarating, and Making it after all, is exhausting.?
But resting on laurels,,, a-h-h-h
savouring the moment.....................
Cheers! Mom


I'm with you on the downhill fast thing. I need to hold on to something!

Love your giveaway prize. Amazing, but not surprising, the number of responses you have had Martha! I was pleased with 120 comments on my giveaway

Carolyn x

me again said...

It is VERY different watching the coverage from down here in the U.S. There is very little excitement and/or enthusiasm about the Olympics here in Florida from what we can see and read. I guess because this isn't exactly a hotbed for winter sports LOL
We did watch the opening ceremonies last night here on NBC and overall I was impressed with it. I disliked our anthem though -- way too drawn out and not stirring at all. Odd melody and arrangement. So sad about the Georgian athlete too; a terrible reminder about the inherent danger in so many sports.
Go Canada! :-)

Julie Fillo said...

Martha, Could you email me your mailing address to so I can send your free print?


Jenxo said...

i thought it was brilliant even if they did pinch the flying kid idea from the Sydney olympics ;!!!!

It got rave reviews here, be proud Canada!!! jenxo

Maija said...

Thank you for hosting you lovely Canadians!!!

Diana Meade said...

Just to agree with you about the Olympics. Canada, you are putting on a great party. I want to go there now, especially BC.