Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The poor knit-up was feeling a bit droopy. She needed some surgery (I zig zagged, then trimmed the knitting). After I took off the excess yarn, I removed the very dirty tags and added some new tags and a new label (made of Tyvek and alcohol inks)-- she's back on her pole now, after a days vacation. See, surgery is necessary to make our lives whole again. Or something like that, anyway.
Ray asked me if I could make a wall hanging with the cut off panel. Why, yes, yes I can. I'll attach some of my favourite tags onto it too.
Live each day to the fullest. Please.
***later edit -- not to worry, the patient is doing well :)


Dawn Supina said...

Glad to see the surgery was a screaming success. I love this idea of beautifying your environment!

Sandy Michelle said...

I see you're a surgeon too! I think it's great that Ray supports your talents ;)

Sandy xox

Heather said...

yay!! so cool. Are we going to make one for/ at ArtFest? I should pack some yarn scraps and knitting needles.. bring some yarn too!!


Anonymous said...

she had a nip and tuck! No swelling either...wish it could be the same for humans...

SO lovely that you had to fix her up so she looks her best.

Joanne Huffman said...

How wonderful to be able to fix such a comforting and artful treasure. I love the idea of making a collage of the tags and surgically removed parts.


Maija said...

You are funny and clever! Love that pole hugger!