Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hidden Treasures

This is my page for Dotee's book in my Fabricgirlz RR. Dot loves Kaffe Fassett fabric -- and birds (there is something birdie in a pocket on the back of the page). The little Blythe Angel makes me smile! The book now travels to Jo in Australia -- but I think that the last 2 have taken the slow boat because they're not to Jo yet! Think speedy thoughts for this one!


Dot said...

Oh Martha! I love, love the page you have made.. Gorgeous colors and so , so ME! Thanks for using such bold colors (and KF fabric too ...yummm). It looks so textural and yummy. And the litle Blythe angel is adorable (are they velvet wings?).

Fingers crossed my book gets to Jo quickly (am sure Dawnie and Nat's will turn up very soon).

Thanks for doing such beautiful work for my book.

Dot xx

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Martha!

Dot sent me the link to you blog so I could see your beautiful work. This is gorgeous - I know Dot is very thrilled with this pretty piece of art!

Your blog is great!

Take care,


Joanne Huffman said...

I had that Kaffe Fassett fabric in browns - love it! Your page is absolutely enchanting.


Audrey said...


Jacky said...

I know I've already commented on our FabricGirlz site... but this is FAB Martha. The KF fabric works a treat and as we know...Dot loves her KF.

Jacky xox

Sandy Michelle said...

Great job on the fabric door and the Blythe makes me smile too:)


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Thinking of you today as we plug along on our Kaffe Fassett inspired, quilted tablecloth - started some 12 years ago! Your page is wonderful.

artbeth67 said...

Awesome page, Martha!!! Love all the vibrant colrs :)

Elizabeth said...

Miss MArtha!
This is gorgeous! Obviously Dot is thrilled.
You must be excited about your first Christmas in your own house!!!

Wish that I could get inspired to paint some rooms!! Thinking of you!!