Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bizzy Bs

Last night we had a fun night with our ATC trade -- unfortunately we were missing lots of our favourite people! I have become self appointed as the "facilitator" of the group (no, not dictator, LOL) (and honestly, if anyone else wants to take over this job -- feel free -- it is incredibly hard to please all of the people all of the time.). So we organized a lot of themes for the year and began to organize demos -- our first demo will be Sandy's shrink art embellishments on February 8th. The theme for that night is "Red and White" -- think Valentines day, Flag Day or whatever red and white images you want to use. Please let me know by January 30th if you will be playing on Feb 8, so I can email everyone the number of ATCs that they need to make. I will be sending out an email reminder, don't worry. (and I'll let everyone know by February 1 how many they will need to make)(generally it's between 10-15)

Here are my "men" (click on the image for details) I have a quote by Oscar Wilde on the Back:
"I sometimes think that God, in creating man, rather overestimated His ability"
It has nothing to do with the very cute Oxford Impressions image on the front that I RUBBER STAMPED! It is a photostamp -- and I had great success! I hand coloured it with Tombo markers and photocolours (oils). The background is telephone book with gesso and coffee -- and has some music and and some have a little definition of "fears" on it. The one I kept is "lose" I generally don't compete unless I'm pretty sure I'm going to win. I really have to get over this. I hate losing. It's my mom's fault. You don't want to play any games with her. She's ruthless.... (sorry, mom -- but it's true!!! -- but I'll still play with you-- I don't mind losing to you). I'm also terrified of getting lost. I don't even like going to the washroom in a new restaurant because I'll get lost. This is very strange, because I have an excellent sense of direction. And I don't remember ever being lost.

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MarissaDW said...

Sorry I missed the ATC night, sounds exciting. Count me in for the ATC night on Feb 8.