Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stampin Up!

I went to a Stampin Up! Party last week (thank you Debra for hosting!)(And to our neighbourhood Rep, Diana). I had lots of fun. I managed to finish 2 of the 3 cards! AND I quite like them. Not my usual style, but I'd make more. The stampin up white ink is the best white ink that I've come across. It is on the "sparkle" card as snowflakes AND I stamped off ink before I stamped onthe card. It is also on the green strip, again, I stamped it off first. The silver embossing powder is very silver. Nice. Hey, maybe there is a scrappy card maker inside of me after all!
I managed to spend a weeee bit of money (Happy birthday to me from my mom!). And then we ate yummy yummy pastries from Dufflet. No pictures of those. We ate them too fast :)


Patti G. said...

Your Stampin Up cards are great and I know what you mean sometimes about feeling like they are not your normal style.......BUT, they are cute and uplifting and sweet! yes yes!!! I think anyone who would get one will LOVE it!!!!!!
Sounds like you had a great time at the party! Wheeee!

Sandy said...

Hand-made cards are always the best! Stampin' up definitely has wonderful stamps. BTW, if you would like to see the ornaments I made (for our trade at Bizzy's)- come on over to my blog. P.S How were you able to get an invite to the '12 days of X-mas ' swap?

Sandy Claus :O)

Sandy said...

It's me again! Can't wait to meet with you as well. Go ahead and and my link..I would be honoured. I have added yours as well. Happy Creating!


Heather Robinson said...

We are making a stamper out of you yet! These are lovely. Thanks again for the fantastic pages in my round robin journal.