Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This book is my favourite book ever! It is a tag book -- and was hosted by Megan Hull. My tags (bottom pic) were made from black cardstock and then I layered book text (most is MacBeth -- but I ran out so some people may have a Hamlet). Then I painted with black acrylic (through punchinella) and use my lipstick cap ro the circles. Then I used my new medalion punch to cut out big scalloped circles, and layered on a circle of chinese newspaper stamped with cobwebs, and then I added an image. Then I stamped on BOO! I like the backs too. I used MacBeth text again and some stamps from Rusty Pickle. I had fun making them. Next time I would add more embellishments -- maybe to dangle off the bottom. It is a book of 20 tags, and I am so happy with every single page. Thank you!


Joanne Huffman said...

The tag book looks like great fun and I love your tags. I also like the card you made for your daughter.

sandee said...

your drawing is way better than I could ever do!!!!! Nice blog!

Maija said...

What a great tag book! I adore the one you made. Did you get the little giftie I sent yet??